Bumbung and Industrial Malaysia new proposition is a secret weapon for top closers especially when iProperty, PropertyGuru and other platforms are not enough.

Real Estate Marketing Done Right (2021)

Why Bumbung and Industrial Malaysia, when there are other platforms?

We’ve tried almost every platform out there, but most heavily advertisement-based models do not generate value if you don’t keep advertising. For many of us agents and negotiators, marketing = spending more $ to refresh our listings… It’s a never-ending cycle!

You try to outbid your competitors, change the price, tweak the details, and still pray for your “leads” to come in. You feel you’re close, but due to uncertainty, you either spend more, or you change your focus, perhaps take on new projects, or from projects, move to subsale/rental. We’ve been Agents for the longest time and honestly, this is more of an open letter from one Agent to another.

The secret behind the best performing Agents is to outspend you in advertising, but there’s a way out of this madness by doing things differently, and we have results…

It seems that no matter how hard you try, and no matter how much cash you throw into advertising, you’ll lose out. We’ve seen this scenario played out a thousand times and it’s time to change the strategy through focus.

The sad truth about marketplaces is that you need it more than anything else, otherwise, how will prospects hear about you or your listings? That’s why Bumbung and Industrial Malaysia have been reintroduced to deliver not just value, but also results.

It’s about branding YOU.

Agent Portfolio Platform on Bumbung.co

Page header of the Agent Portfolio Platform on Bumbung.co

Often, we are left with little to no time to market ourselves, and No, listing your property on marketplaces is not a guarantee of success either. You wont’ be remembered because you’re flooding listings like the rest. What you want and hope for is for word to go around that you’re good at what you do, perhaps there’s an aunty/uncle who loves your service. But maybe out of 10 of your customers, there’s 1 who actually does. We asked ourselves, is there a way to replicate the word-of-mouth (WOM) model? Seriously, why not? You’re good at what you do, and you always help your buyers and sellers by going the extra mile.

Perhaps instead of just relying on offline marketing, how can I make WOM “online” and thus, we figured out a way around this and how to get all 10 aunties to talk about you, maybe more (figuratively).

With the bulk spent on open houses, curating listings, following up with leads, we neglect the vital step of keeping our portfolio updated and leveraging on our past accomplishments;

THIS happens to all of us, because of lack of time. But this is gold, it’s the is marketing ammo you need. So that’s what we’re offering in a nutshell, Bumbung and IndustrialMalaysia brands your area and listings well enough that your listings work for you even while you’re sleeping without costing you extra money.

The team at Bumbung and IndustrialMalaysia will help you set up your account on the platform, which lets you create a an area profile with your listings, that are leveraging on Google’s Search for discovery, not to mention, you’re able to boost your real estate listings webpage with Google Adwords.

Google Search Result of Bumbung.co's listing on Page 1

A recent finding on Google Search as a result of Bumbung.co’s test listing appeared on Page 1 results.

Exactly like a resume showcasing all your achievements, your profile builds instant credibility when customers are searching for the right property.

Who’s the Specialist? YOU are.

Focus is key to succeeding in a highly competitive and cluttered real estate market. That’s why Bumbung and IndustrialMalaysia are heavily focused on selected residential and industrial areas. We’re not for everyone (yet) as we only want to grow sustainably with value, and we believe you want to create a neighbourhood success for yourself. It’s better to be a big fish in a small pond; ie. if you have all the good listings and the highlight is on you, the customers will eventually come. There’s no guarantee the results will continue to be good if you place yourself in larger marketplaces; you will be drowned, as there are many hungrier fishes (with deeper pockets) than you.

Bumbung and IndustrialMalaysia are exclusive listing portfolios. Our agents on the platform enjoy exclusivity as the only agent (or agent team) controlling ONE location/area of listings. To give you an example, if your farming focus is in Bangsar, and you’ve managed to secure the location on Bumbung, there will be no other Agents on Bumbung that will be marketing in Bangsar except for you. The same applies to any industrial areas, eg, if you’re focused on Cheras warehouses/factories, the whole Cheras area will only be marketed by you and only you on IndustrialMalaysia. If customers come in looking for your specialized location, they come directly to you via your preferred mode of contact. This model is proven to work and you feed off one another’s strength and speciality.

Where do we go from here? Your journey to successfully market your talents and prowess as a premium Real Estate agent starts here.

Get started by going to our websites:

Bumbung.co - For Residential Properties in premium markets

Bumbung.co – For Residential Properties in premium markets

Industrial Malaysia - For properties in the Industrial Market

Industrial Malaysia – For properties in the Industrial Market

Selection of Agent and Area are based on the interview process with the founders of Bumbung and IndustrialMalaysia, respectively.



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