3 Factors that make Country Heights Damansara appealing to the Ultrarich

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Where do all the equivalent of  Crazy Rich Asians live in Malaysia? The answer to the question is actually all over the most prominent neighbourhoods. But today we’ll unravel likely what is pick number #1 of the prominent neighbourhoods where the top 2% of Malaysians build their real estate dreams and the 3 Factors that make Country Heights Damansara appealing to the ultrarich

The Location

As many value convenience as the new luxury, who says you can’t have both? Country Heights Damansara is a fine example with its location being a few minutes away by car to prime areas of TTDI, Desa Park City and Mutiara Damansara. 

This 200 acre land nestled on a green hill in Kuala Lumpur and possesses the 60000 postcode, which shares the same with its affluent TTDI neighbourhood.

A map view of the Country Heights Damansara surroundings, having access to Penchala Link and the LDP Highway.

Being one of the last few remaining Kuala Lumpur residential freehold land developments, it’s no surprise that Country Heights Damansara was touted as the Beverly Hills of Malaysia. It doesn’t just encompass the ultra-high net worth individuals and their families, it’s also a pull factor among international celebrities and movie production companies to film here. 

We’ll dive more into it later, with Country Heights Damansara closely located to One Utama, IPC mall & The Curve, there are several promising new developments that are coming up such as Empire City Mall, and the KPJ Damansara 2 Specialist Hospital (Nadayu).

With easy access to the Penchala link, the top International schools in KL, based in Mont Kiara, MK International & Garden International would be a just a 10-minute drive away.

Wide Range of Land Profiles

Looking at building in Country Heights Damansara will come with its own set of challenges, but it certainly depends on the type of land as your canvas. Certainly, those with more challenging terrains don’t go without its reward of better views or landscape features.

We examined a few of the available land plots and what to expect if you’re looking to build a house from scratch.

1. Flat Land / Flat Terrain

Developing an empty land is like a blank canvas, and if you do find one that is flat, for an area on top of a hill is a rare find in Country Heights Damansara. There are a few limited spaces along the stretch on Jalan Khaya & Jalan Salam. 

We learn from our buyers and clients that they naturally would prefer to work with a flat land to build their house. Asking our Local Experts regarding his listings portfolio he mentions that in fact that flat terrain land For Sale are less than a handful. 

An example of a flatland terrain type profile.

Building on a flat land would generally cost less to construct your house as compared to house over angled land profiles, such as a slope. Due to the deeper piling, levelling and retaining wall workmanship and material cost which can be more than RM100 per square feet for the experienced contractor.

However, we’ve come across buyers who would want to save precious time and headaches dealing with the contractors, as projects even on flat land can take more than a few years before completion.

There are beautiful modern properties that are ready-built as large corporations have invested in the land and developed a few of those properties at one time. This home has a basement car park and is a multi-generation home located along Jalan Khaya.

An aerial view of the bungalow built on a hilltop in Country Heights Damansara. View the listing here on Bumbung.co


2. Up-Slope (The land goes up from its entrance)

An example bungalow build on an upward sloping land

This Upward sloping land terrain is said to be an attractive criteria among Chinese buyers as they have astrologically good feng shui properties. However in Country Heights Damansara, we are talking of mainly two interesting type of Up-Slope land terrains you should be wary of; 

  1. Up all the way – It can be tricky as the building engineers would have to adapt to its upward slope and it would have to be cut and leveled according to tiers to ensure that there’s enough room to construct the internal space. Because of its awkward land profile, the house would naturally come with a wider/larger than usual porch space amongst the other Country Heights Damansara houses.
  2. Upward Bump & Flat on top – It would be an ideal plot to build with a basement garage potentially for the front, as the living spaces and rooms start on the floor above giving you a good sense of privacy and great views.

3. Downward Sloping

These types of Downward sloping land terrains would command the best views from Country Heights Damansara as the land entrance would slope downwards towards the rest of the house. These views are always unobstructed, because the land is carved and planned to have an upward slope back to back with a downward slope that may belong to another owner. Hence, you would have quite literally the best views in the house and would enjoy the top spot (no pun intended).

A Bungalow example built on a downward sloping land.

Hollywood Factor

Apart from well-established business owners, Country Heights Damansara has been on some of the top picks for movie producers even in Hollywood. As many of the homes here have been adventurously built to great extents and fitted with the best materials and tech while enjoying the best views of the forest and/or the city. 

Here we have Crazy Rich Asian’s the movie; though the movie said the location was in Singapore, the actual location of the shoot was in Malaysia, Country Heights Damansara. 

Here’s the actual house photos. 

You can view the rest of the images on Malaysia Homie.

In another Hollywood debut, Fair Game (2010), a political thriller movie was also filmed in one of the bungalow houses in Country Heights Damansara. It was directed by Doug Liman, the same director behind The Bourne Identity and Mr. and Mrs. Smith and featuring Naomi Watts and Sean Penn. See if you could spot where in the movie was the bungalow scene. 

Or if you’re looking for something your own but still looks a lot like something from the Hollywood movies, this interesting house along Jalan Mahagony looks very much like something that Tony Stark would build for his own. You could already imagine all his suits flying out from secret chambers located throughout the building and with his Audi R8 e-tron and Bugatti Veyron Supersport parked in the porch.

An extravagant built up with very adventurous designs. View the Bungalow house on Bumbung.co here

Looking at Country Heights Damansara, it’s unlike many other townships and developments. As each of the buildings constructed would tell its own story, it’s own creation and masterpiece. We certainly look forward to compiling more of these beautiful listings in the Country Heights Damansara area and sharing them here with you. Let us know in the comments if you think if we missed out on something marvellous that people would enjoy looking at


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For more of these listings in Country Heights Damansara or if you have a listing to sell, visit Bumbung.co to speak to our Local Expert.


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