5 Features in Tropicana Bungalows Every Buyer Looks Out For

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Considered to be the crème de la crème of private gated and guarded housing with access to superior facilities including a clubhouse, restaurants and a golf course, Tropicana is considered synonymous with those who have reached a status symbol in their life and would like to own a part of this luxurious neighbourhood. 

Home to many of the elites and high profiles in Malaysia, the creation of a premier golf and country club has since become the leisure and pleasure domain situated amidst the lush and prestigious suburb of Damansara in Petaling Jaya, boasting the pleasure of resort living, amidst city conveniences. Tropicana Golf & Country Club was officially opened on 13th January 1996 by Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad and was developed and founded by Tan Sri Dato’ Danny Tan’s Dijaya Corporation Berhad (now known as Tropicana Corporation Berhad).

Today, there are about 365 bungalows in Tropicana Golf & Country Club, with approximately 10% bungalow lands being vacant. Neighbouring close by is Tropicana Indah that was subsequently introduced as a joint venture development with PKNS, with approximately 168 bungalows with approximately 20%  vacant plots. 

The Prestige Aspect  

 The Grand entrance of Tropicana Golf & Country Resort itself with its club house amenities has an unique prestige appeal.

In terms of amenities, the Tropicana neighbourhood has maintained its values by introducing well-appreciated amenities to the community, such as St Joseph International School which significantly reduce travel time for many families, also a mixture of up market retail options (primarily for groceries) such as Tropicana Avenue strip mall and Tropicana Garden Mall. Residents of Tropicana also benefited from two healthcare options, being strategically located in between Thompson Hospital at Kota Damansara and Ramsay Sime Darby at Ara Damansara.

One-third of our life is spent at work, which made this location more appealing due to its accessibility to major highways and having the Subang airport close by which routes Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia, it has convenience for many outbound business goers. Also, next to Kota Damansara is home to high technology large manufacturing, factories and assembly plants. All this little factor contributes to a better lifestyle for ‘business’ peoples. 

Golf Course Views. 

When it comes to golf course views, Tropicana immediately stands out as one of the best-landed options near the city that is located in a 5-star golf course. This is likely the only place that has it if you want to live in Petaling Jaya. The best part is that Tropicana has two choices to offer as there is Tropicana Golf & Country Resort and PKNS Golf Course. 

Obviously the best golf course views overlook the fairway, just like this home below;

The bungalow has a west-facing orientation with the back looking towards the beautiful golf course. View the house here on bumbung.co/listings/4767

Meanwhile, right in the corner, there are the Tropicana Indah houses, with a larger cluster of modern designed homes which definitely lives up to the “Indah” (beautiful) name. Amongst the Indah neighbours, some homeowners are proud to own the view fronting Tropicana Garden Mall striking grey facade.


For the best unique experience to see which bungalows have great views, you’ll need to be there to feel and see for yourself. 

Purposeful land use 

With regards to how the building is built and when the layout is a concern, most of Tropicana bungalows are built from scratch with a unique design plan. The purpose in shape and size has different appeals to the individual families that occupy the space.

You can typically find two types of homes that are either fully utilising the land space – covered up and extended to house more rooms or smaller homes but provisioned for a better outdoor space. The latter is preferred by families who like to spend time outdoors, just like this one with a slightly elevated view overlooking the golf course. 

The 2nd floor has a balcony attached to the room that looks out at the golf course. If you’re wondering, balls rarely fall in, but if safety is a concern, other neighbours have set up a protective net.

Clever use of a building and land space, it gives you a private garden and a patio that will be great for outdoor activities and hosting parties. View this listing on bumbung.co/listings/5057

Not forgetting, space to include your car collections indoor or outdoor will also influence your build-up. It is rare to own both great outdoors and a large house while maintaining a great car park privilege (No in-tandem parking) because most plots in Tropicana are about 10,000 square feet.

Security Features.

Tropicana Golf is a well-known place in the community, especially among golfers. The shared entrance is open to both club members, guests & residents, although there are security checkpoints from the main arch to the clubhouse, access to the trunk roads that would lead to your home can be accessible by all. 

For Tropicana Indah, the security feature is tighter there because of its smaller density, this setup permits security guards to tail visitors up to their visiting premises, to ensure safety and that they arrived at the right house, in-kind promoting better security. 

Mindful details – Architecture features 

Between Tropicana Golf and Country Resort, and Tropicana Indah, both have several unique features that could be a trade-off for some, and for others, it may not compel as much. We look at the fact that Tropicana Indah’s building layout is more modern, though the entrance is not via the Grand Arch and it has a separated entrance, the newer building features and architecture layout carries some outstanding designs. 

This is one fine example, being one of the few in the market that has been recently completed with top-notch building materials. 

The beautiful home located at Tropicana Indah. Its modern architecture & state of the art set-up dovetails harmoniously with its luxurious compound which includes a pool, patio & a basketball court. View the listing on bumbung.co/listings/4796

As many local Malaysians are open to renovating their own property, there are a few things to note that can be difficult to change (e.g the façade). Some homes being next to a golf course also pose a challenge as construction works have to be executed manually. 

Classic and Elegant

Modern architecture is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are some who appreciate finer culture and art which is pleased to have their home resembling their taste.

A good find for those who aspire and love British cultural heritage.

A Tudor style bungalow with a spacious front, with the dining and the back of the house facing the beautiful golf course. View the listing here bumbung.co/listings/5040 


The listings from the article here are provided from the marvellous sales team at Bumbung.

For more of the best listings in all of Tropicana and its surrounding neighbourhood, you can find it on Bumbung.co as we have local experts to find you a home to suit you and your family needs. 


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