Inside Tropicana Grande’s Penthouse

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Bumbung TV’s exclusive tour inside the 1 of 4 Penthouse in Tropicana Grande.

Tropicana Grande is one of the best luxury condominiums located in the Petaling Jaya city, alongside Five Stones, PJ 8 and Uptown Residences.

The condominium is targeted at a higher-income sector, where executives and their families who enjoys the accessibility to the golf club, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (One of the top tier Golf Club Resorts in Malaysia).

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This exclusive neighbourhood has a full range of comfort type properties that residents love for its land space and privacy, from Bungalows, Semi-Detached and high-end condominiums, Tropicana Grande is the pinnacle of its high-rise developments by the Dijaya Group (now known as Tropicana Corporation Berhad).

The development contains 4 blocks in total and has a height of up to 39 floors.

Tropicana Grande comprises 4 blocks in total

The unit featured in the video is the largest and most exclusive penthouse (with only 4 units available). The unit’s layout comes with 4 Beds, 5 Baths and is divided into a duplex with breathtaking views of the Tropicana golf & country club.

The penthouse main balconies and upper deck access faces the Tropicana Grande’s facilities common olympic size swimming pool and offers unblocked views to one of 27 holes at the Golf Course.

 Tropicana Golf Course & Resort view from the 38th floor of the penthouse.

The bedrooms are nothing short of stunning, with high ceilings and durable strong glass panels, you’ll have the best privacy and soundproofing the home has to offer.

The best part is their grand master bedroom that has the largest floor space in the unit and also comes with double balcony views for that unblocked 360º angle of Tropicana’s Golf and Country Resort. Imagine spending all your evenings with the golden sunset that many would only envy.

Sunset View From Tropicana Grande Penthouse.

On the upper floor, this penthouse provides the resident with its very own private lift lobby entrance, walk-in closets and open dresser-room bathroom concept with jacuzzi, a private bar, and lastly a private infinity pool. The inhouse facilities and features has a lot to offer and you’ll never need to leave the house.

Check out the video above for the full video tour at the penthouse. will be hosting an Open House this 29th February 2020 (Saturday) and 1st March 2020 (Sunday) at the penthouse itself. Check out the full details by visiting the website:

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