The Do’s and Don’t of Property Feng Shui


Planning to buy a new home in the near future? You’ve surely thought of the positioning of furniture and interior design, but have you also considered the Feng Shui of the house?

Feng means “wind” and Shui means “water”.

The combination of both wind and water is associated with good health. Thus, good Feng Shui promises good fortune, happiness, and a combination of other harmonious vibrations.

Feng Shui is the subtle art of balance and harmonization of energies in any given space. It has it’s own impact on some of the interior design or the architectural layout of a property or space.

Those who practice Feng Shui put a lot of thought into it before buying a property. The determining factor to their purchase decision will in the end be the quality of energy that surrounds the property.

Speaking of surroundings, good Feng Shui calls for the outer environment of the house to be a little less balanced, with a bigger sized backyard compared to a bigger front yard.

The main focus of a house with good Feng Shui?

A sturdy front door that receives the energy or otherwise known as Chi. The things to look at for a good front door is its size and proportion as well as the pathway that leads to it. But also hold in mind to ensure that all the doors in the house do not have a direct door alignment because this will cause a loss of energy as there is a strong rush of Chi.

To maintain the good energy flow of Chi in the house, several factors should be considered in the house selection. Is it good to note whether the staircase is facing the front door, bathroom or closet door? Is there a wall as soon as you come in? And whether the upstairs bathroom is above the front door? Best to avoid all of these to keep the good energy embodiment.

Though there’s always a negative side of things to balance out positive energy.

For Feng Shui, it is called the Sa Chi, which is also known as the attacking or killing energy.

Attacking energy can be found either outside or inside of a house. A cluttered house, with lack of order, will result in an indoor Sa Chi environment. A method to reduce this is to do space clearing every once in a while.

Sa Chi also comes from a sharp angle wall that is pointing towards your bed. This ‘poison arrow’ gives out attacking energy directed towards your body, so keep in mind where you place your bed in your home.

To prevent Sa Chi energy from entering your house from the outside, it is best to ensure that there are no sharp objects or structures pointed towards your doors or windows. An example of this would be if a big bare tree branch was pointing towards your door.

These elements are crucial if you are looking for a house with good Feng Shui and minimal Sa Chi.

But what are some extra signs that say its a good one?

Some things that you should look out for is the surrounding environment. Is your future home close to a T-junction or railroad? Does the backyard have a slope? A good method to enhance your outdoor Feng Shui is to create a beautiful garden outside your house.

Second, is a clear flow or Chi rush of from front door. Good energy should be able to enter the property without anything blocking its path. Your main entrance also plays an important role, where the moment you first step in the house, what is the first thing you see? Is the view from your entrance blocked with a bathroom or stairs? A good flow of energy is where the energy is channeled throughout all the room.

Always keep an eye on the Feng Shui vibe in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. These three common areas play an important role in the overall Feng Shui of your house and is fundamental for a house with good feng shui.

And lastly, once you build a strong foundation, this energy should be maintained regularly, to keep it flowing rather than having it blocked or becoming stagnant by clutter. So it is important to do some space clearing from time to time.

Good Feng Shui means good energy, and good energy makes up the idealistic lifestyle people are always searching for. This will help you to sell the house in the future, so it is worthwhile to spend some time and effort to take care of the property’s Feng Shui energy.

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Written by: Diyana

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