Home Owners From Hell


So, you want to sell your property. The first thing you would do is contact and hire a real estate agent with two goals in mind, selling off your property as soon as possible and helping you get a sweet price out of it. But who would know the awesomeness of your property than yourself, right?

Well, before you get a little too involved in the process, here’s a little guide as to how to not get on the wrong side of your real estate agent as he or she is going about their job.

Here are 5 things home owners do that real estate agents hate

1) Sticking Around for Showings

Interested buyers often feel like they’re intruding in your daily routines if you are seen around your property. The potential buyer will most likely cut the tour short even if they have yet to see everything that needs to be seen.

2) Overhyping Upgrades

Not everyone will consider an upgrade to be an upgrade. Plush new carpeting won’t go well with potential buyers with allergies while your new heated bathroom floors may be considered a costly feature to maintain on the long term.

3) Promising Repairs, but not following up

Especially if the repairs have been included in the offer. Real estate agents then would have to pressure you as the client into making the repairs which may lead to you getting upset. This puts the agent in a really awkward position between an angry potential buyer and an upset seller.

4) Leaving a Mess

Just because the photos have been taken does not mean you can leave your dishes everywhere. Clean and tidy houses make viewings and tours a much more pleasant experience. A messy property can look like it’s worth a lot less than what it’s on the market for.

5) Getting greedy

When you agree on a price and list your home, you’ll typically receive offers that come in around a range of pricing close to asking. If you agree on a price and list your home, but another home pops up for a higher asking, resist the urge to relist your home at a higher value.


Have you made any of these mistakes?

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