10 DIY Ways to Boost Your Property Market Value

One of the biggest financial decisions a person will ever have comes with selling their home, mainly because a large chunk of an average homeowner’s wealth comes from the value of their property. Precautionary methods can and should be taken in order to ensure the market value of selling one’s home is maximized. With a little effort put in through some pointers that’ll guarantee to help put forth the desirability of your home. Here are some tips and tricks to help boost property value!


Fix damages around the house to help boost property value
A house can be killer depending on the effort put into maintaining the property’s structural skeleton. Loose railings, tiles sticking out from the floor and other troubles in the home may induce injuries and disrupt the tranquility of a home.  Fixing these structural problems will safeguard the increment of value of your property throughout the selling period.

Pop of Color

Add a pop of color to help boost property value
Weather and wear would have eventually taken a toll on the physical outlook of you house. Stained paint from heavy rains would be worn down and cracked from the sheer heat of the afternoon sun, causing your house to look aged. With some paint, brushes and coverage for your clothes, slapping on a fresh coat of paint onto your home can easily sky rocketing the appeal of your property. Fun weekend activity idea, anyone?

Go Green

Plants can help boost property value
Meant literally, planting trees around your home adds an attractive valued touch to your home. Though trees take a longer time to grow, the shade provided on the long term can offer protection for your paint from the wrath of the sun while dropping the overall temperature. Trees that bear fruits and or nuts are an added plus point!

Go Local

Local plants are more convenient when helping to boost property value
Surrounding your property with home grown plants and foliage can also give your house an extra layer of coverage for a dash of privacy. The best part of using home grown local plants is the ease of maintaining their health and growth, appealing to the crowd that would rather spend minimum effort in the garden.

Spotless Home, Spotless Mind

A clean house helps boost property value
A clean house will always be a sight for sore eyes and attract more foot traffic. Being the cheapest method to ensure an attractive house, a simple sweep and mop alone can make a difference. Arranging furniture, polishing metal fixtures and reducing clutter may open up space and opportunities for your home never before imagined.

Save Energy

LED bulbs can help boost property value
A little energy has to be put in to save energy on the long term. Replacing old bulbs with LED bulbs or even installing solar panels boosts energy efficiency and lowers the cost of living on the property. This would appeal to the environmentalist crowd and to anyone who values a little reduction in long term costs.

Magic Carpet Ride

A new carpet can help boost property value
Contrary to popular belief, carpets do not increase in value after the wear and tear. In addition to that, the constant conditioning would have worn out the carpet to a point of non-recognition. Hence,  a brand new carpet can give your interior a pop of color, personality and a breath of fresh air.

Refreshed, Rejoiced

Pleasant smells can help to boost property value
Unappealing smells which indicates poor air quality can be as influential as a bad appearance. Poor air quality may cause respiratory problems and significantly damage the property’s value. Riding on the wave of going green, growing a few indoor plants can help filter the impurities in the air. Also, to further boost your property’s air quality and value, get additional help from an air purifier.

Water Filtration System

A filtration system can help to boost property value
Installing a water filter on to any modern faucet would also appeal to environmentalists as it reduces reliance on plastic bottled water, making it a green attribute. Moreover, this added feature shapes a cost efficient and convenient home, slashing off the need to leave the house in order to purchase water.

Request for an Official Assessment

Get a professional's opinion to help boost property value
With minimum real estate knowledge, a lot of minor details may be missed out that may end up reducing your property value. Having a thorough inspection done by a professional inspector can help pin point aspects of the property that could make or break that deal.

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