5 Exquisite Bathroom Design Trends of 2018 by Victoria + Albert

Toulouse- Credit Susan Glick (1)

Looking for fresh new ideas for your newly renovated home? Or are you curious to find out how luxurious can a bathroom get? The Posh British bathroom brand has just come out with 5 unique predictions as to what your potential bathroom may look like for 2018.

Victoria + Albert Napoli bath

Image Credits: Otta Design

Design trends has always favored the classics, remember the old bathrooms with light creamy coloured square tiles fitted with protruding pipes and taps everywhere? Designs are moving along with the minimalist trends of today’s homes. Think large mirrors with ambient lighting complemented with ample spaces. Victoria + Albert’s Napoli freestanding bath stands out as the main subject of the bathroom, beckoning to whom looking to relax. Personally, we love the bold and broad hexagonal tiles that contrast the pieces from each other.


Victoria + Albert Barcelona

Image Credits: Rabaut Design

The amount on mindfulness and relaxation apps popping up on the app stores these days are no accidental, they reflect a growing lifestyle trend balancing the mind, body and soul. High income executives know the impact of work on their body. At this age, the demand for massages, therapies and spa bathrooms grow exponentially as a new lifestyle choice. The above Barcelona freestanding bath matches the background elegantly, incorporating nature’s contour patterns found only in marble slabs and wooden pieces.

Victoria + Albert Toulouse bath

Image Credits: Susan Glick

Reminiscent of an elegant white swan, it is truly a bathroom designed with class in mind. You can now instill this exclusive image to you personal space without the need to visit high class spa’s and resorts. The fluffy seating adds a tad of nobility, with the comfort of spending time attending to your personal needs. The charming Toulouse bathtub with a wide edges certainly fits the chic setting with ease.

victoria + albert trivento bath

Image Credits: Victoria + Albert

One trend that stands through time is the incorporation of old pieces in a contemporary setting. The Trivento freestanding bath perfectly reflects the statement. Whether its an antique piece or a historical ornament, homeowners and designers see the benefit of implementing transitional designs in modern homes. Think of the Buddha statue you may see in modern homes or the placement of an old vase in your living room. The above freestanding bath merges a french classic into a modern setting.

Vetralla ColourHive

Image Credits: Victoria + Albert

An article on bathroom trends can’t be completed without colours, and that is what the Beyond palette is about. Victoria + Albert worked with Colour Hive, a global colour consultancy to bring you a the ideal colour palette for your bathroom.  With the backdrop painted with a gradient of dreamy  colours, taking a bath in such setting will relief all your worries and disappointments from the earthly conflicts and drama. After all, its widely known that the ambiance of a room influence the state of mind, hence, why not make your bathroom a therapeutic sanctuary. The background reminds us of a calm oasis with soft neon colours.


Let your inspirations and ideas run free, these are the bathroom trends that are set to take of this year. Courtesy goes to Victoria + Albert Baths, a bath and basin brand with a worldwide reputation for their contemporary and traditional designs. Did this article inspire you in any way? Let us know in the comments. We love to hear our reader’s opinions.


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