Bored Do What: Walls (I)

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Whether you staying at an expensive bungalow or condominium, or a low cost flat or single room apartment, there is always something to do to improve/spruce up the place. Of course, many Malaysians today love beautiful homes but many complain of being too busy or budget is tight. This series will be on how to invest your time in either improving yourself or the property you currently occupy. In this article, we will look at the fundamental things we all have in our homes, walls.

For starters, the walls can affect you indirectly. In fact, it can be used for a greater purpose. Just like a blank canvas painting, walls have the potential to either brighten your day or drown you deeper in the perpetual sorrow of your mechanical life. So what can be done with walls?


Life doesn’t always have to be black and white. Likewise, the walls in your home do not necessarily need to be always white. In fact, wall colors can be used to reflect the temperament of the room, making it a joyous gathering place that is vivid and exciting, or a place of tranquility and calm where you can meditate or even sleep. It can suit according to your needs and how you perceive it. NuProp Blog lists out some interesting behaviors or mood wall colors can evoke, with red being the color of excitement, yellow the color of joy and gray as sophistication.

Since Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures and religion, the Western context might not fit snugly in our Asian perspective. Asianpaints give a more familiar interpretation of what walls and colors bring to our lives. In fact, painting the ceiling can be a revitalizing thing since we tend to look upwards at times! Remember, this is a long-term investment and one should always repaint their homes every 7-10 years to keep the freshness alive.


Painting might be costly and a cumbersome affair. So, a cheaper option would be wallpaper. Yes, wallpapers are something which is affordable and awesome at the same time. Also, one can choose from the different varieties as compared to paint which, can be limited in its choices. It last longer than paint, can cover up chips and cracks on the walls, and easily changed! Wallpapers can range from floral, nature, classical, minimalist, contemporary and much more. Malaysian stores such as Korea Wallpaper and LAMEX offer some good varieties and options to choose from. If you are interested in wallpapers, do read this article from WallpaperSifu. It gives a lot of insight on the pros and cons of wallpaper. Do read them up and have fun deciding wallpapers!


We often neglect local artists and overlook the struggles they face to make a living. Give these folks a chance and support their work! You can either support their products or ask them to paint! Artisan products are not limited to paintings and weird figurines. There are numerous of products you can buy and help improve the aesthetic value on your wall. Hang up some unique jewelry, crafts, masks, etc. All these can vastly improve the homely presence.  

For painting, one can always consult their artist friends. Not paint as in 1-hour RM100 job, but rather draw something on these bare white walls. Artists have amazing and creative imaginations and giving them the opportunity to style and draw on your homes can be a bonus feature. It is unique, special and even empowering! Agree with them the design and let them draw something amazing. If you are an artist yourself, all the more awesome! Get your cans of paint and start styling your homes!


If those options are still too expensive, then one can always execute creative DIY methods (or hacks). There are many different DIY tricks you can try. Be creative as possible and make it as unique and fun! Among some examples you can do are

  •      Use beautiful photos from magazines/calendars and frame them up on the wall
  •      If you can’t afford picture frames, use washi tape
  •      Paint ceramic bowls and hang them on the wall to create a unique pattern
  •      Use different tape colors and tape widths to paste them on the walls to make a cool design
  •      Hang fairy lights and Polaroid pictures on the wall for rooms
  •      Use unwanted toilet rolls (paint them of course) as a decorative piece to make outlines of shapes and designs


There are other creative and useful techniques to DIY and utilize your walls (such as having brick walls or making a secret lair behind it). It entirely depends on you, your budget and your creativity. Long gone are the days where inspirational quotes, posters of favorite bands, athletes, handsome Korean singers and unsightly wall blemishes. Do some research, get some items, and start decorating the inner walls of your home. This is the place where you will spend 40% of your lives in, so make the best out of it.


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