3 Interesting cafes in PJ to get your craving fix


Those with a sweet tooth and is in need of a caffeine fix can head over to one of these cafes in PJ. Each has their own speciality and unique interior.

Add this to your list the next time you are planning to do some cafe hopping in PJ with friends.

Jam & Kaya Cafe

Now, if you are prepared for a bit adventurous treasure hunting, this hidden gem cafe is the one (pun intended). This cafe is secluded from the hustle and bustle of PJ, looking for it is half the fun. Here’s a hint, it’s located within PJ Palms Sports Centre compound. It looks like a quint little cottage in the middle of the field. Jam & Kaya cafe specialised in hearty brunches like shashuka-style baked eggs and fluffy pancakes.

MadHatter Desserts

Looking for something extraordinary? You have come to the right place. This cafe offers a range of very intriguing desserts such as Passionfruit and Miso Tart, Chocolate and Calamansi Cake, Assam Melon Tart and more! The other interesting thing about this cafe is that it is founded by Masterchef Asia Runner-up Season 1, Marcus Low. He was dubbed the “Dessert King” by the judges on the reality tv show, so you can expect a mouthwatering experience here.

Bean Brothers

Who know else takes their coffee very seriously? The Koreans. We kid you, not. This cafe is a Korean-operated coffee bar with secluded within Sunway Damansara. It’s a two-storey warehouse space that is delicately designed, each corner of the cafe is Instagram-worthy. While they serve milk based coffees like latte and cappuccino, you should really try their hot or iced long black. to fully savour the coffee beans.

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