Steps to create the ultimate game room


For those who just moved into a new house and always wished for a game room, where do you start? Here’s a guide to help you achieve the ultimate game room you have always dreamed of.

1. Setup the room

If you don’t have the luxury of choosing any space in the house and have to settle for either the basement or a store room, it doesn’t mean it has to look like one. Firstly, install an air-conditioning unit so you will always be comfortable whenever you are in the mood to game.¬†Then you can either paint the walls to a favourite shade or slap on some wallpapers.

2. Equip the room

Time to go shopping for the perfect desk and an ergonomic chair if you don’t have existing ones lying around. If you have any collectibles that you would like to finally put on display, it’s best to get a shelf so you can flaunt it all to the world.

Besides that, another thing to consider if you might spend long hours in this room, get a mini refrigerator. If you have a gaming console, you might want to get a futon sofa bed to fit more than one person when you have company over.

3. Moving in your most valuable assets

This is the best part! It’s time to bring in your toys and arrange them how ever you like. Of course with all the electronics, the PS4, XBOX, sound systems, three screen monitors and etc, there will be a lot of cables. Be sure you neatly tuck where those cables so no one trips over one during an exciting game.

4. Decorate!

Last but not least, decorate! This includes your figurines and other collectibles such as posters. Absolutely love how these items can double up as a decor item for a gaming room. Arrange them accordingly so they all can be in proper view.

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