Tips on childproofing your home


We may have the most elegant-designed home but when the time comes to start a family, some things just have to go. It’s all about compromising to make way for the new family member in the house.

Childproofing your home is essential to keeping your toddler safe. This can be any area in your house — bathroom, nursery, kitchen, anywhere that poses a threat to your toddler.

In the bathroom :

1. Safeguard from slips by using nonslip mats in and out of the tub as well as on any hard-surface floors near the bathroom — chances are you’ll be chasing a naked, wet toddler through the house at some point.

2. Install a toilet lock so little fingers don’t get smashed, to protect from accidental drowning and to prevent any unsanitary exposure.

3. Keep looking like a hot mama, but always move the flat-iron cord (or any other appliance cord) out of the toddler’s reach to avoid burns or strangulation.

In the nursery :

1. While it’s really adorable to have super-cute bumpers, blankets, pillows and stuffed animals in the baby’s crib, remove them. They can actually suffocate your child. Mobiles with small hanging parts should also come out as soon as baby can pull himself or herself upright.

2. Store toys in an open toy box so there’s no lid to slam toddler’s fingers.

In the kitchen :

1. Stove knobs are fun to twist, baby toys often have knobs on them to help with developing dexterity. Kids might think the ones in the kitchen are toys as well, so keep them turned off with stove knob covers. Reduces the risk of toddlers being able to grip, much less turn these knobs.

2. An appliance lock ensures your child won’t pull the oven door down on top of himself or herself. This can also be added to the refrigerator, which has shelves your little one can climb.

3. Other times when you got something bubbling and simmering on the stove? Keep baby safe from splatters and from pulling on pot handles with a stove guard.

4. Under-sink cabinets are a typical place to store cleaning products, but with child in residence, you need to move them out of reach. If they must stay in low cabinets, invest in latches and locks to always keep the cabinet doors securely shut.

In the living room :

1. Cordless shades or cord cleats are the way to keep curtain blinds safe for children.

2. Coffee tables, TV stands, even window ledges offer plenty of sharp corners at eye level for someone two feet tall. Cushion the edges with bumpers. Scan the room for breakables and move them to where toddler can’t get them. You’ll be amazed by how far up, or over, little ones can actually reach.

3. Secure bookcases and other tall furniture to the wall with bolts or adjustable, locking furniture straps that attach to the wall and to the object to keep your little brainiac from pulling it over.

4. Got stairs? If so, a baby gate is a must. Finally, they come in styles to match your home’s decor.

These are just some steps you can take, there are more ways to completely childproof your home. It’s a little different for each home. Hope you are up for the challenge because kids are curious little creatures that will wander everywhere they can reach.

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