3 Types of property that are difficult to sell


With the current economic situation in Malaysia, it is definitely the buyer’s market. Therefore, selling a property can be tough enough as it is. However, if your real estate suffers from certain conditions, it can be even more difficult to dispose of it. Here are a few types of property that will most likely give you a bigger headache this year.

Properties next to a cemetery

Perhaps it’s something that happens more often in Asian countries because we have all these superstitious beliefs due to our very diverse cultures. Things associated to death is never a good thing but in Asian countries, it’s a bigger taboo. In fact, having a property located near a graveyard may even decrease your property value. Be prepared to lower the prices if you really want to sell it away as there will always be people who are less superstitious enough to purchase.

Properties with a stink

There is also a general preconception that a home in close proximity to a landfill, an oxidation pond or an aerated lagoon will get your property value dinged. Even if you are not exactly located right next to it, just being 1km away can affect your property. Windows have to kept close most of the time just incase there is a breeze that might blow in your property’s direction.   “I like foul smelling things” – said no one ever.

Properties that are ground floor units of high-rise condominiums or apartments

There is a saying, what’s the point of staying in a high-rise condo or apartment if you are not able to enjoy the view. It rings true to many people. Therefore, not many people are too keen on units that are located on the ground floor. Most of the time the downside of these ground floor units is that it doesn’t get much natural lighting. Worse, if the block is surrounded by other taller buildings. However, with this being said, many are willing to give up the view if the price matches the property value.

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