5 Arty crafty workshops in KL


Looking to start a new hobby or pick up a new skill, workshops are perfect ways to test the waters. Be it photography, calligraphy, painting, pottery making, or silkscreen making. Best part about attending these workshops, you get to bring your masterpiece home and put it on display as a home decor.

Calligraphy for beginners at DC Calligraphy

Have you been thinking of picking up this trendy penmanship skill that has been making its round all over the internet? A part from providing custom hand lettering and calligraphy services, self-taught calligrapher Denise Chin also offers workshops to those interested. Her style leans more towards modern, whimsical and slightly quirky as oppose to the traditional copperplate lettering. Get your hands ready for a three and a half hours of fun! Just show up, you will receive a starter kit — a straight holder, an oblique holder, a jar of black ink,  2 nibs, handout notes with practice sheets and alphabet guides.
Price : RM298

Floral watercolour painting at Gladys’ Stories

There was a sudden surge of peoples’ interest in watercolour that peaked over the past few months. More often than not, it always involves some form of florals. If you think you have what it takes to create beautiful art that will be totally Instagramable and you just need to refine your raw talents, here is a workshop for you. As per usual, you just need to bring is yourself because all the tools will be provided, even the refreshments. Gladys’ Stories also offers calligraphy workshops from time to time
Price : RM220

Silkscreen painting at Raksasa Print Studio

Learn the processes behind the making of the prints on your favourite t-shirt or tote bag at Raksasa Print Studio. The workshop is a 1-day (3 hours) group class that is held on a monthly basis. It covers the basic of silkscreen painting — drawing the image, exposing the screen and printing the image. If you miss the monthly workshop, there is a 2-days (6 hours in total) course which you can choose. It is more comprehensive as it covers more techniques.  The course is inclusive of basic supplies but you can bring your own fabrics and etc or buy Raksasa Print’s tote bags, shirts or fabrics. Best part about their course is that they offer private classes by topping up just RM50 during their ‘open studio’ schedule.
Price for workshop : RM180
Price for course : RM300

Mossionary Terrarium Workshop with Ohsum Mossum

If you have a steady hand and would like to build a world on your own, make a moss terraium with a little eco-system within it. The founder, Ronnie Khoo will provide hands on guidance on how to create one as well as the tips and trick on miniscapiing your miniature world. The 2 hours class is inclusive of all materials such as the terrarium, moss, tropical plants, stones, gravel and figurines, which you get to bring home when you have made your one moss terrarium. The price varies based on the type of terrarium you desire. Bring your creativity and patience!
Price : From RM150 to RM600

Photography at The Print Room

Perhaps you want to start taking photography a little more seriously after mastering the art of Instagram, why not try out film photography. The 1-day introduction class will be almost an whole day affair from 11am to 6pm. However, it will cover camera basics, shooting, basic processing and basic printing. The class fee is inclusive of film, chemicals and paper.
Price : RM800
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