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Movie buffs are always on the search for the best visual and sensory experience. While the advent of technology has made this possible, no amount of big chairs, beanbags or blanket could provide the same level of comfort when we enjoy a movie at home.

According to a HOMEDEC poll, 4 out of 10 movie-goers prefer watching films at home over going to the theatre. Even big screen lovers admit that there’s nothing quite as heavenly as kicking back on your sofa and watching all the best shows from the comfort of your living room.

We have compiled a list of gadgets and fixtures that will turn your regular home into the best home theatre. Best part? All these items are on a promotional price at the upcoming HOMEDEC event happening at the end of this month.

Sharp LE380X Series Smart TV

Visual is everything when it comes to a home theatre.

If you are a voracious movie-goer, investing in the best projector and a decent sound system will ultimately save you a lot of money on cinema tickets. Plus, if you really like the movie, you can watch it again and again.

The Sharp LE380X Series Smart TV is equipped with automatic noise reduction function, which means it autocorrects colour and contrast. It also turns standard dynamic range pictures into HDR. It is designed to enable you to enjoy your movie with greater detail. You can enjoy smoother Full HD visual when watching YouTube videos, browsing for music or going on a weekend Netflix binge.

Enjoy RM1,210 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM3,988 for a special package deal of  Sharp 60” TV & Wide Sound Bar (N.P: RM5,198).* Package also comes with 5 years warranty and free TV bracket. Available at booth no. 7F248 & 7P271.

Shiori pleated blind

To recreate a dark room during the day to enjoy your movies, you need curtains!

Recreate the dark and immersive atmosphere of a movie theatre hall by installing these curtain and blind from DTM Curtain Culture. The Shiori pleated blind offers an attractive combination of high fashion and functionality. On top of that, it gives you full control of your lighting needs.

With just one blind, you can adjust between day or night mode to suit your preference. You can also add a day curtain to give an element of mystery and soften the overall look of your private cinema. The curtain’s netting design is ideal for those who enjoy having an outdoor view, yet want to minimize visibility from the outside.

Enjoy RM348 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM3,132 for a set of DTM Blind (N.P: RM3,480).* Available at booth no. 5K493.

Etano Line Blue lights

Perfect lighting to create the perfect ambiance in your home theatre.

Choosing the right lighting can drastically change the mood of a room. Pair the Etano Line Blue lights from Deng Lighting with your pleated blind to create a seamless combination between natural lighting and man-made lighting to transform your room. Striking the right balance can add to the perceived visual space of you room and brings out its colour. It can also provide right ambient for your movie night.

Enjoy RM201 savings with HOMEDEC exclusive deal at only RM201 (N.P: RM402).* Available at booth no. 4P611.

Additionally, all we got to do is throw in some beanbags and we are set! Grab the popcorn and start binging!

This post is brought to you by Bumbung in collaboration with HOMEDEC.

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