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In the modern world as we know it, photography has never been more important to selling real estate. In fact, good photographs can make all the difference when it comes to the time spent trying to sell a property. Like wise men say, a picture speaks a thousand words.

So let’s start taking good photos that will sell homes and commercial lots! First things first, for property photography you need the right camera equipments. We won’t get too technical but only point out the general guideline to choosing the right equipments.

Avoid using fisheye or other tricks

Using fisheye lense for property photography can be very deceiving.

Yes, we know that there is a trend right now in real estate photography to shoot properties with poor quality fisheye lenses. Not only does the photos look ridiculous and ugly, it’s also deceiving the potential buyer. Why? Because making a space look larger than it is by using a lense that distorts the area is not going to increase a buyer’s interest.

You will be over-promising them and they are going to arrive to the viewing with high expectations. Best to use honest photos of the space.

Invest in a wide angle camera lens to emphasise space and create a sense of depth

Using a wide lense camera is not only more honest but displays the actual room's space.

Doesn’t mean you can’t make a space look bigger without using fisheye lens, a wide angle camera lense can capture the full essence of a space. It allows for a wider shot which gives a true sense of both depth and detail.

On a side note, HDR photography is highly recommended as it allows you to stand out from the crowd. HDR takes several exposures of the same photo and combines them giving you professional photographs that look rich and full of dynamic shades.

Forget Megapixels and Buy a Full Frame Camera

At the end of the day, it’s about the sensor size and not megapixels. It is the most important criteria to consider when purchasing a new digital camera. Larger sensors mean better image quality, better low light performance, but more importantly, a wider field of view that allows you to capture more of the room in your picture.

Use a Tripod

A tripod's function goes beyond just having a hand-free photo but it helps to take sharper photographs.

Most homes look much more appealing when shot in natural light. However, if you don’t have professional flash equipment or a very steady hand, photographs taken without a tripod will look dark and blurry. Tripods will allow you to shoot at slower shutter speeds to take advantage of natural light while still keeping images sharp.

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