6 mistakes to avoid when house hunting


House hunting is a serious affair, as it requires time, energy and money for everyone involved. No seller or agent want their time wasted, and we are pretty sure you feel the same about your time, too. It is thus imperative that you plan your home-buying process well! To ensure that you are on track, check for mistakes to avoid when house hunting in the following check list.

1. Planning visits on your own.

For the purpose of safety, it’s always best to go with your agent. Secondly, you save a lot of time leaving the criteria-based search for potential properties to your agent (that’s what they are hired for). Also, going alone might take away credibility. Sellers might have the impression that you’re unrepresented, making it easier for them to leverage

2. Cramping multiple visits in short durations.

It’s important to take time with finding your dream home. Don’t try to cram multiple sessions in one day. Home buying is a major investment; you would not want to rush this process! A thorough search ensures that you can take time finding a house that feels like home. Nothing like an impulse purchase to risk later regret, which shouldn’t be the case.

3. Traveling separately.

Always ensure that you and your agent are on the go together. If you drive, schedule a meet and then carpool for a house visit. This method not only saves petrol and money, you also save time by ensuring no one gets lost. When you stick to the schedule and minimise damage along the way, you get to spend more time to inspect the house and discuss feedbacks with your agent.

4. Wearing difficult footwear.

Being in Malaysia, you would be required to remove your shoes before entering a home, especially if the seller is still living there. While we wouldn’t advise you to wear flip flops for formality’s sake, it’s best to wear easy slip-ons instead of laced up, complicated shoes. Many well-prepared homes will have new carpet, and often the listing agent will have posted a “please remove shoes” sign to help keep the flooring clean.

5. Forgetting to check the details.

If a house gives you a good impression, you should always remind yourself to open every door and check every cabinet drawer there is. You would not want to miss storage areas by thinking it’s impolite to do so. This is not about being nosy; it’s about gathering sufficient information for an important decision-making.

6. Keeping up the small talks.

Whatever feedbacks you would have, positive or negative, it’s really best to keep it to yourself. Keep all communications about the house between you and your agent only. The privacy ensures maximum buying power on your part and allows you to freely explore your thoughts on the house without bias. And always be honest with your agent about your observations. If you like something, express it. If you find something you dislike, don’t hesitate to bring it up. If you keep things to yourself, you would risk seeing the same property options, which will waste everybody’s time.

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