Malaysia’s first zero-energy, carbon neutral and eco-living house


Make way for the latest eco-living concept in Malaysia. GreenMan Tiny Home is Malaysia’s first ever extreme zero energy, completely off-grid, carbon neutral and affordable house. It’s a kampung-inspired home that only the size of a parking lot.

However, don’t let that deceive you! It’s capable of producing its own electricity, harvests rainwater for the occupants and even recycles its own waste. Super awesome!

External mock up of the eco-living GreenMan Tiny Home.

Malaysia has been facing all sorts of pollutions for the longest time and the causes are many — from large number of cars to forrest fires. According to a recent US study, as many as 6,500 Malaysians may have died from health complications in 2015 as a result of the prolonged haze from Indonesian forest fires. Therefore, it’s always good news that that there are people out there doing something about our environment.

The Tiny Home is fully functional on its own and doesn’t need any external power supply, water or sewage treatment. Sustainable advocate Matthias Gelber (Internationally known as “The Green Man”) champions this project.

“It has bothered me that modern homes are hot like saunas and that the use of air-conditioning has become the norm. We went back to the original structure of kampung houses and made urban living comfortable without the need for an external electricity source and water supply.

“Most people think eco-living is expensive but I want to prove that using natural resources like solar power can be cost effective, provided items that consume a lot of electricity are completely avoided. The GreenMan Tiny Home project is an educational experiment. I hope that many Malaysians will learn from it and be inspired,” explained Matthias.

A lot of effort has gone into the mindful selection of construction materials. “We have chosen recycled, upcycled, locally manufactured and sustainable materials whenever possible in an effort to provide a carbon neutral structure,” said Dr. Paul D’Arcy, GreenMan Tiny Home’s architect and engineer.

The interior mock up of the eco-living GreenMan Tiny Home.

Eco-living GreenMan Tiny home embodies the seven components of circular architecture :

  1. Resident – The provision of space and furnishings are carefully selected to satisfy the lifestyle requirements of the occupant
  2. Region – Construction materials and methods are chosen to address local climatic requirements.
  3. Reduction – Elimination the use of high energy consuming climate control systems and wasted space.
  4. Recovery – The use of rainwater harvesting and solar power removes the need for electrical and water connections. Grey and black water treatment systems provide nutrients for fruit and vegetables.
  5. Recycle – Discarded items and materials used to manufacture the furniture, air diffusers, light fixtures and accessories are collected by local and international students.
  6. Repair – Discarded computer fans and even a car water pump are collected and repaired. These items make up the components of the Tiny Home’s ventilation and water distribution systems.
  7. Replenish – The GreenMan Tiny home is carbon neutral in its construction and zero-carbon footprint in its daily use. This unique combination contributes to the replenishment and repair of Mother Earth.

In addition, each Tiny Home is fully portable due to it’s compact size. Hence, it can be a suitable means of housing victims of floods and other natural disasters as well. However, this compact size takes into account the minimum space required for unhindered movement and daily activities.

Finally, the GreenMan Tiny Home comes at an affordable price of RM60,000 to RM65,000 only.

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