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Face it. Who doesn’t want a beautiful home? Not only does a good-looking abode facilitate an owner’s overall sense of living, shelter and storage, it also reflects on its their characteristics. In a digital age wherein Instagram is one of the most important social media tools to showcase one’s taste in life, nothing displays identity better than a well-curated home. Want to improve your home life, and be the talk of the town at the same time? Here are 10 easy tips on making your home Instagram-worthy.

1. Let there be light

Well-lit corners ensure a good, pixel-perfect snap.

The first rule of taking good photographs, even on Instagram, is good lighting, which natural light never fails to ensure. This means inviting, window-adjacent corners in which one can read, make crafts or reflect on good memories. Whether with plush armchairs, wooden Valencias or Moroccan pouffes, it’s always great to personalise your sacred spaces.

2. Play up the brass factor

Copper, especially combined with a paster colour, exudes picturesque elegance.

As many Pinterest boards would testify, brass is the trend du jour that’s unlikely to fade anytime soon. Slice them in accents to spruce up your living room, entertainment areas, and bedrooms. Can you blame us for waxing lyrical about this?

3. Create pet-friendly nooks and crannies

Pets definitely add an extra touch to photos of your home.

If there’s one thing that keeps followers hooked on your Instagram journey, it’s the cute animals you call family. Take your game up a notch by rethinking the playing pans and lazing areas for your pets. Punch in the fun with colours, textures, and patterns. Since pets take one’s social media game up a notch, you can rest assured that they will help make your home Instagram-worthy too.

4. Chalk up your walls to a good board

Who says you can’t make a mark on the wall? The trick to making it a photogenic cause is to make it elegant. Paint a wall dark forest green and write your inspirations with chalks. Isn’t it a dream to find out that your childhood rule does not apply in adulthood, that you can in fact splash, sketch and scribble on the planes of your home?

5. Your house, your museum

Another good way to make your home Instagram-worthy is to treat your house like a museum. Again, your walls are your best medium. Hang beautiful paintings and arty photographs. If possible, curate them based on a preferred theme, to show your friends and loved ones what your passions in life are all about. Pro tip: Matisse, Van Gogh prints are great to inject drama into a modern space.

6. Embrace your stripes

A photogenic home is all about proportion. To make your home Instagram-worthy, you have to master the art of balancing shapes and lines. Incorporating stripes, for instance, allows a viewer’s gaze to dance around a given space. Imagine the beautiful photos you could take, with a striped carpet, a lined vase or wallpaper in view.

7. Make statements with indoor lighting

Statement decors are always the best conversation starter, and lighting devices shouldn’t be exempted from this idea. When it comes to this, no instalment can convey a dramatic effect better than a beautiful, swooping chandelier.

8. Let your bathrooms speak

Like it or not, people do take photos and selfies in the bathroom! Whether for you or your guests, ensure that this hidden part of your home is fit for the occasion by injecting visual spice into it. Hang artworks on the walls or freshen up the space with some fresh flowers and incense. Our favourite reference of all time: English singer Florence Welch’s Frida Kahlo-themed bathroom.

9. Let your garden paint a scene

If your current property comes with a surrounding yard, consider yourself lucky! Not only do you have more space to play with, you also get to enjoy the gift of Nature via your sowing efforts. Imagine the beautiful photos that you can take featuring your flowers and plants.

10. Decorate with your memorabilia

The best thing about Instagram is that you share your memories, and what better way to reflect this dynamic than to have your house decorated with tokens of good times past? Bring out the old records, the old Polaroids and film photos, the old books or anything in your keepsake that you have let buried. The fun part is in the creative ways in which you can use them to add warmth and beauty to your home.

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