How to bring the spirit of the Rooster into your home


So 2017 is the year of the Rooster, and a Fire one at that. As those who observing the recent Chinese New Year might have told you already, the earthly zodiac is all about steady efforts and achievements. Here, we bring you quick tips on how to channel the Rooster in your city life, because nothing is as good as a life fool-proofed.

Bombard your home with all things Rooster

Highlight the essence of the Rooster into your home in small slices and accents.

This is the easiest, most direct way to incorporate the Rooster in your city life. Whether it’s a vase with cockerel motif or a knitted pillow cover bedecked with the animal’s face, there’s always a decor item that fits the theme! Our favourite piece: this decorative decoupage from John Derian Inc.

Create a corner for meaningful activities

The Rooster is about creative devotion. Channel that in your sacred space!

The year of the Rooster is all about mindful observations. You can bring in this particular attribute into your life by recreating a sacred space in your home. This could be in the form of a painting room, a reading nook, or simply an updated home office. When the space in which you carry out your meaningful activities looks good, you will eventually feel your best and, voila, perform your best.

Time to embrace the golden spectrum

Gold, brown and yellow tones work best to honour the Rooster year.

Every year has its own set of lucky colours. The year of the Rooster is all about embracing shades of gold, yellow and brown. The earthy colours, when done right, can warm up your space. Incorporate them in slices and accents, instead of repainting an entire room in them. According to the feng shui masters, one must avoid white and green at all cost this year. We know, we know that Pantone had just told us to embrace green! But if you’re feeling really serious about your luck, then you know what to do.

Incorporate fitness into your space

With your own fitness corner at home, there's no excuse not to stay in shape!

Experts have revealed that the year of the Rooster emphasises the importance of nurturing one’s health. Honestly, there is no better way to do this than to up our fitness game. Instead of spending our free time at the gym, why not take your routine home? Free up an unused yet cluttered area to make room for easy yoga or body-toning sessions. Use this opportunity to finally inspire yourself to getting into action within your comfort zone, literally.

Fill up your vases with gladiolas

Usher in more luck with gladiola, dubbed the flower of the year.

According to the experts, the luck of this year would bloom forth with the the gladiola flower around. Belonging to the iris family, the flower is also known as sword lily. Another good way of incorporating the flower is to fill in empty vases and station them around your house. The stems of the gladiola are soothingly green to look at, so why not use translucent housings to showcase the plants? If you can’t find any gladiolas, then your best bet would then be the cockscomb flower which is predicted to be just as luck-giving.

Bring in more clocks to keep track of time

Inspire better time-keeping with beautiful clocks around the house.

The Fire Rooster is said to be all about responsibility via time management. Keep better track of your time by putting up more clocks around the house! Since we are being auspicious, we might as well keep things interesting by looking out for beautiful clock designs to bring home, like this beautiful agate clock on Etsy.

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