5 important home factors that influence creativity


As humans, we are born with the need to create, and therefore, be creative. From an existential point of view, that’s the only reason we are motivated to do anything at all in life. For this reason, having a home that facilitates our creative nature is important. With this in mind, how do we know for sure the house that we have been wanting truly caters to our most imaginative personal pursuits? Consider these important home factors that influence creativity to ensure you are making the right choice.

1. A good entry way

entry way that inspires creativity

The first point past your main doorway is the first thing that you will see upon entering the house. As such, the area should look outstanding to your eyes. This helps reset your mood and establish a sense of awe and personal wonder as you indulge in homely activities, especially after a long day outside.

2. A sensible layout

A sensible layout
A good floor plan is extremely vital, as it ensures the fulfilment of other home factors that influence creativity. No beautiful home office, reading corner or painting studio could be installed and put to good use if you live in a house that has a nonsensical layout or irreparable architecture.

3. Big, bright windows

Bright windows

The most profound things you could do in your life involves making things with your hands, such as baking, rearranging furnitures and arranging flowers. While the best home lighting systems could illuminate them, nothing works and inspires quite like natural lighting. Big windows with good glass panes are thus important to ensure that sunlight goes in and refracts beautiful inside the house.

4. Expansive corners

piano in a corner

The thing about usable nooks is that you can always repurpose them from time to time. Taking up knitting? Enhance your skills with a well-placed armchair for comfort and focus. Taking up piano lessons? Ensure that the corner you have in mind could fit a large upright instrument, if not the grand version. Embarking on a spiritual journey? Reimagine the area with a console table solidifying a beautiful altar to house your most sacred possessions.

5. An extra room or two

yellow armchair

Without a doubt, an extra perimeter of space is always helpful to inspire a home office, library, dark room or creative studio. Since your most personal thoughts processes would occur in the designated room, it is important that it provides good floor paneling, big window, and ventilation system.

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