Ettiquettes 101: How to break up with a bad agent

Buying or renting a new home is never an easy experience. Because of this, we would all expect to experience smooth business transactions with our agents. But sometimes, things are not as great as they should be, and the professionals we hire end up falling short of our expectations. Some warning signs include lack of communication, commission issues, and conflict of interest.

By now, you might already be thinking to end your ties and find another match to help you. But much like in a personal relationship, parting ways with your agent is not as easy as it sounds. If you find yourself in this sticky situation, then read on to find out how best to break up with a bad agent.

Be honest and upfront about your reasons

There are many reasons why your business partnership did not go as planned. You might feel frayed from your agent’s lack of follow-ups or prioritisation towards your needs as a client. Perhaps they lack focus. Maybe you both had recently came to a disagreement about the final amount of commission to be paid. Whatever the reason may be, do not try to cover up the truths behind a professional breakup. If anything, being honest with your agent will provide great feedback, which serves as valuable lessons inspiring them to shape up for future endeavours.

End the relationship face-to-face

No one likes to go through tough situations, not even for professional integrity. The code of conduct for breaking up in person exists in life for a reason, and your relationship with your agent shouldn’t be exempted from the rule. Always nip things in the bud by scheduling time to meet in person, and certainly never fire your agent over the phone or in instant messages. It’s always important to ensure that you actively minimise all chances of further misunderstanding, which could happen with the lack of tone in virtual communication processes.

Be sure to communicate honestly with your agent about your reasons, before letting them go.

Be sure to communicate honestly with your agent about your reasons, before letting them go.

Always proceed your talk with caution

Sometimes, we forget that property agents are human beings too. Just like us, they live personal lives and feel personal emotions. Therefore, it’s always best to plan your ‘breakup’ talk in advance, preferably on a day when your agent isn’t occupied or stressed out. Be sure to pick a nice location that isn’t too public, so they don’t have to deal with the unnecessary emotion of shame. Also, remember to keep calm throughout your discussion. Never talk to your agent in a condescending tone, loud volume or any manner that could cause them to turn defensive. Such will only make the situation more personal than it should be!

Move forward internally and gracefully

Just because you are to break up with a bad agent, it doesn’t mean that you should justify the situation to the whole world. If there’s a noble move to honour on your part, it’s keeping your reviews to yourself. There’s no need to offer unsolicited advises about the same agent to anyone, not even a family member or friend, unless they are currently using their services. As someone who should wise up from a bad experience, you shouldn’t even regard the bad agent’s existence in the first place.

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