5 reasons why Bangsar is a unique neighbourhood


A warm gush of emotions awash us when we think of Bangsar. The area first existed as an estate for rubber plantations, but achieve residential status since 1969. Since then, Bangsar has gone through many phases of identity. Nightlife, art and coffee are just some of many characteristics that make it a sought-after address in Kuala Lumpur. We round up the best reasons why Bangsar is a unique neighbourhood for the modern heart.

Bangsar hosts many places to eat

Try out the saag paneer curry dish served at Indian Kitchen on Jalan Telawi.

The most noticeable thing about the neighbourhood is that there restaurants, cafes, and pubs everywhere you look. You will never run short of inspiration when it comes to choosing your meal. From belly-filling Asian cuisines to savoury Western delights, there are plenty of gastronomic options to choose from when in Bangsar. Our favourite: Indian Kitchen on 64, Jalan Maarof.

Bangsar is a mix of nostalgia and novelty

One of the zen corners in the Sekeping Tenggiri property. Photo credit: Sekeping.com

From a design perspective, Bangsar exudes 70s finesse, yet the spatial functions that it promotes is as modern as it gets.  For instance, take a look at the houses around the more laidback Jalan Bangkung and Jalan Limau Purut. Marvel at the shop lots on Jalan Kurau. Or better yet, visit Sekeping Tenggiri (designed by Malaysian architect Ng Sek San) for some staycation inspiration. If there’s one thing that the buildings in Bangsar share in common, it’s the fact that their functions may be evolving, but their colonial facades remain.

Bangsar is a hub for holistic activities

The Violet Flame operates in a glass house located on Jalan Riong, off Jalan Maarof. Photo credit: The Violet Flame

Looking to optimise your health and wellness? Bangsar is the perfect lair in which to explore this purpose. Presently there are many yoga studios to check out, some of the best choices being Swarupa Iyengar Yoga Studio, MAVI Yoga Academy, and Yoga Dynamics. Seekers of alternative lifestyle regiments such as acupuncture can give The Violet Flame on Jalan Riong a go. Still not convinced of Bangsar’s reputation as the grounds for holistic pursuits? Then consider this fact: it is home to the main headquarters of world-known spiritual development company Mindvalley.

Bangsar embraces the artist in you

L.Inc, the creative space located on Bangsar’s Jalan Kemuja. Photo credit: DR.Inc.

In Bangsar, there are many avenues available to develop your artistic talents. Dying to learn up the ropes of silkscreen printing? One can visit DR.Inc Cafe‘s creative learning extension L.Inc to attend workshops for that. Want to collaborate your art prowess with others? Consider the Art Jamming classes conducted at The Studio at KL. Desiring to socialise with like-minded creatives? Look no further than aspiring creative campus APW Bangsar (short for A Place Where) on Jalan Riong, where artistically inclined professionals come together and meet for coffee and collaborations.

It is the best location to make new friends

Enjoy nighlight at speakeasy bars and pubs in Telawi.

Given Bangsar’s credibility for being one of the best nightlife destinations in Kuala Lumpur, it’s not farfetched to say that you get to enjoy new rapports and relationships. With many bustling bars and pubs peppering the streets of Telawi, one can be sure that no happy hours and nights there go unspent without making new connections with new people.

Considering a new home in Bangsar?

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