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As announced late last year, Pantone’s colour of 2017 is Greenery. So what encompasses the colour? Representing new beginnings, prosperity and calmness, the colour green invites us to take a step back and enjoy our surroundings.Think inspiring shades of green and your fondest associations with nature. From tropical imageries to rustic accents, there are various ways to incorporate greenery indoors and make your house Pantone perfect.

Keep it neat and simple

Complement a green wall with visual textures in other shades of the colour.

The trick to making green accents pop is to keep the rest of your space neutral, both in palette and in style. Just focus on a few key elements to work with. If you like taking risks, then consider bouncing the colour around the room by pairing blank surfaces with textures, statement furniture pieces or patterns in complimentary shades. Remember to keep it understated, as green can attract too much attention when overdone.

Zen up the kitchen

A green kitchen is a great way to motivate a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Green represents health. Studies show that green-coloured food are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants vital to maintain one’s wellbeing. In the same vein, green works wonders for the psyche, so why not extend the interpretation into your kitchen, where your relationship with food reigns supreme? Try introducing green stools into the space or replace your old kitchenwares with new ones in green hues. Not a fan of too many changes? Then occupy your windowsills with pots of green herbs and plants to induce a visual sense of the wilderness.

Work your green thumb

Spruce up your space with an indoor plant or two.

Greenery shouldn’t be limited to just your garden (if you have one). To breathe life into your home, introduce indoor plants into your inner space. Not sure where to start? The good news is that there are various guides online you can look up to for inspiration! Since its boom recently, the horticulture trend has been inspired people to be their own gardeners and environmental caretakers. Our suggestion: start small with the cactus, the jade plant or the aloe, before moving on to bigger entries such as the rubber plant or the fiddle leaf fig (our favourite!).

Bring it to the floor

A green carpet or rug is a good way to incorporate nature as the theme of your space.

Walk on green pastures literally by bringing in green carpeting for your home. A decorated floor makes all the difference when it comes to the spatial perception of a space. To make sure that it doesn’t get too much for the eyes, your green carpets or rugs should come in shapes and sizes that still allow for the sight of your wooden panelings.

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