New home: How to rush your move before Christmas


Christmas is literally around the corner. If you’re moving into a new home this week, we get it: you must be feeling overwhelmed right now! There’s still so much to do and oversee in your transition that you’re not sure if you can make settle in time for the special day. But know that all hope is not lost! Here are ways to help rush your move before Christmas, so there’s room for a well-deserved celebration. You know what they say: when you feel better, you do better!

Box immediate necessities together.

This method is useful for for immediate retrieval upon arriving at your new home. Since Christmas is almost here, perhaps some candles would be useful to quickly create a festive atmosphere as you settle in. Or maybe it’s a precious set of china plates hat you always use for the holidays. Whatever your urgent items maybe be, ensure they are packed together for combined retrieval later.

Get acquainted with your new kitchen.

The heart of Christmas is always the time we enjoy with our loved ones at the dinner table. If your new house is not feast-ready, worry not! The most important thing to do about this is to familiarise yourself with your new kitchen. Make the effort to tackle basic arrangements such as kitchenware and grocery storage. This is also the perfect time to get to know your new oven and stove; once you know how to work them, cooking for Christmas while settling in won’t seem so daunting.

Rush your move before Christmas to have more time for a feast with loved ones.

Assemble the most important furnitures first.

It’s impossible to get all furnishings done before the festive weekend, so the best thing to do, to rush your move before Christmas, do is improvise. Whether you’re a visual person motivated by visuals or one who prioritises comfort, ensure that your best furnitures get assembled, first thing upon entering your new home. It’s always helpful to have each piece labeled based on priority, to avoid confusion between you and the movers.

Schedule your greetings in advance. 

What’s Christmas without sending love to your loved ones outside of home? No matter what the situation we are in, this has to be done. In light of your move, it helps to template your emails and messages, before scheduling for broadcast. This way, you can save time and energy, and still be in festive shape.

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