8 unique housewarming gift ideas for Christmas


If you have a friend who has just moved into a new home, this Christmas is the perfect opportunity to present them with a thoughtful housewarming gift or two. Perhaps you couldn’t quite figure out what it would be earlier. But with the festive season on the horizon, inspirations are everywhere! So don’t worry about not having an idea of what to get for your loved one. The greater challenge to enjoy is actually getting something that they would find uniquely useful for their personal space. Below are some great housewarming gift ideas to help get you started.

1. An artistic fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers from Safe T

The most practical thing homeowner should keep in their perimeters is a fire extinguisher. But the funny thing is almost no one has it on standby! Since we can never predict when and how fire can occur, an extinguisher would definitely make a great gift. What could make it desirable is when it doubles as pièce de résistance for the house, much like in the case of these extinguishers from French brand Safe T. With their eye-catching designs ranging from a shiny copper body to that covered in animal print, your friend probably won’t want to hide them from sight!

2. Quirky typography art

Typography art from Four Letter Word Cards

Paintings are wonderful, but they are highly personal when it comes to taste. So why not gift your friend some typography art? Not only are they quirky and fun, they are also easily digested. The one pictured above is a great example of letting your friend know how much you mean to them. You can find more like this on this Etsy store.

3. Crystal bookends

Howlite crystal bookend from Kindred Black

The great thing about natural crystals is that they’re not only great to recharge and rewire the energy particles in a given atmosphere, they are also very beautiful to look at. This is particularly the reason why they make great interior decors. If your friend is a bookworm, then this sliced howlite crystal bookend from Kindred Black would be of great use.

4. Architecture-inspired candle holders

Zaha Hadid tealight holders, available on DopoDomani.com

What better way to celebrate a new home than a gift inspired by one of the greatest architects to have ever lived? These Zaha Hadid tealight candle holders are as artistically opulent as they are functional in illuminating a candlelit feel for Christmas. They come in three colours: gold, silver, and black.

5. QR code for Wi-Fi

Now this present doesn’t come with any price-tag, as it only takes your own effort to make! Convenience has been an asset ever since humans have realised that time is the most important commodity in the universe. Find out how to create your own Wi-Fi code here. Once done, be sure to get it framed for an artistic effect.

6. Chocolate soaps

This is a great entry for chocolate addicts. By gifting your friends this box of chocolate soaps, you are not only helping them appreciate their home life, but you would also increase the possibility of future invites beyond Christmas. Nothing screams “solidified” quite like a chocolate-laced friendship.

7. Smart locks

August Smart Lock, available on Amazon.com

This smart lock from August is probably the one gift that needs your friend’s approval first, but it’s worth the sacrificing the surprise factor for! Created to function digitally, it transforms your Android or Apple phone into a keyless entry system. Other distinctive features come in the form of exceptional battery power, backup key access, and customisable shared access.

8. Incense set

Last but not least—some incense to help your friend clear the new space! Even if he isn’t into the metaphysical stuff of life, it’s always great to relax and unwind to deliciously zen scents, at the end of every day. It’s a good way to bond with one’s home, which he will thank you for. Pictured here is a balsam fir variety for your Christmas-centric consideration.

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