How to build a good relationship with your agent

A good relationship with your agent is vital to ensure a smooth home buying or selling experience. A property agent is someone you hire to represent you, so it makes sense that you and the person should always be in sync. But much like in personal areas, perfect chemistry in business does not come without effort and maintenance. So what can you do to ensure that your new business relationship is on that right track? Here are some tips to have a good client-agent relationship.

1. Prioritise trust above all else.

It’s only too easy to question your agent’s trustworthiness as you go further into the business relationship, and forget that trust is a two-way street. Remember: agents are here to help you, because in helping you, they are also helping themselves become better solicitors. A good way to cement trust from the start is to treat your agent like anyone else you just got to know. Have casual conversations with him over coffee or lunch, and be sure to let him know what you personally expect out of your forthcoming transaction.

2. Let go of your need for constant control.

An agent is an agent for a good reason: they’re professionally trained middlemen with incredible insight into perceived value. As part of their ethics, a good agent is always open to his client’s selling suggestions. But we should also know when to draw the line from going overboard, especially with little things such as advertising copies and photographs. Agents know what they are doing and how it’s done. It is thus important that we get off their backs so they can do what they do best: help.

3. Be punctual in your meetings.

An agent can be your new best friend, but he is first and foremost a working professional. At any given moment in your relationship, you’re not the only client that he’s attending to. And chances are, he has to meet several clients a day. So be punctual for every meeting. Make sure you arrive on time, or well before he does. After all, what’s in it for you is a big-scaled treasure at the end of the partnership, be it a new home or a big check from selling a current one. So don’t jeopardize it. Be early!

Always be on point with your communication with your agent.

4. Learn to use the phone better.

When your agent rings you, it’s often due to a pressing issue or urgent matter that needs immediate attending. Find a way to take it immediately, and if you’re busy, tell them you will call them back in a scheduled time. It’s crucial to maintain good communication. Also, make sure you make the effort to call your agent, from time to time, in the course of your business partnership. Emails can often be taken the wrong way as they lack the tone that a voice can give, so use them only to address simple matters.

5. Don’t be stingy.

It’s important that you reward your agent accordingly, and not try to discount their commissions, every chance you get. Less commission will result in lesser commitment, exemplified by rushing sales and making unacceptable offers. Remember: your agent is working for free, until a property is sold and a monetary transaction is successfully made. So if he has been doing a good job serving you, then he serves to be paid accordingly and not have to feel flushed from all talks of discount.

6. Be a good listener.

Every time your agent comes back to you with feedback, know that it’s a goldmine of current insights that you should always consider and not shut off to. Show your agent that you’re keen to learn more knowledge. Stop resorting to emotions when digesting new information. The mindfulness will definitely help optimise the business partnership between you.

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