Home improvement: 3 decluttering hacks for the weekend

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No weekends are enjoyable in a messy home. Often, we ignore the sight of clutter throughout the week to reserve our energy for work and other daily routines. But as the weekend arrives, we realise our space is haunted by the chaos we have created, instead of free for quality pursuits. If you find yourself stuck with this dilemma, fret not! Below are some quick home improvement tips to help you enhance your home life.

1. Box them up

It’s inevitable that, in our daily rush, things get strewn all over the place. Want to sort them out, but too little time and patience to do so? Get yourself some moving boxes, and categorise them into three rationales: “yes”, “no” and “maybe”. Then, use them to thematically organise the piles of clothes, books, or kitchenware causing the clutter. This might not clear your space in one go, but it will definitely make future efforts of upkeep easier to handle, while buying you time to enjoy your weekend.

2. Clear all surfaces


Recognise every flat surface you have in your home, be them counters, table tops or shelves. Then, make it a priority to declutter them. Keep clean and clear, leaving on only what’s necessary and functional. To keep things interesting, you can enliven them with a couple of decorative items such as a candle or a photo frame, but nothing more. When the clutter dissipates,  your entire space will automatically look cosier. Definitely a step that plays to your advantage, especially if you’re thinking of throwing an indoor gathering.

3. Isolate all papers

This step may seem useless, until you lose an important document. When that happens, you would be best hoping it’s not your tenancy agreement or settlement paperwork. To prevent such from happening and ruining your weekend, make the effort to gather all papers that are lying around and organise them. You can do this by filing them or placing them in a designated corner that you can return to one you have some extra time to go through them.

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