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Urban slickers looking to expand their resume of impressive city homes can now look to southern Malaysia for assuring prospects. Country Garden, a Guangdong-based property developer, is currently setting up Forest City, a utopian homeland set to take Johor Bahru’s Iskandar Malaysia zone by storm in the near future.

The emerging smart-eco city rests atop four man-made islands. Its perimeter is said to be four times the size of Central Park, New York, and three times that of the neighbouring Singapore. Not a surprising feat, given that it needs to hold a whopping 500,000 apartment units!

But beyond its surefire capacity to hold a big population, Forest City is first and foremost a lush environment to live in. Recalling to mind the sci-fi blockbuster Elysium, the city looks heaven-sent a vista of greenery, examplified by the parks and activity spaces scattered across it.

Another feature to note is the city’s railway system, which hints of the hyper-connectivity to come for future residents. The urban planning concept behind it also ensures that pedestrians are safe to walk on the grounds away from speeding vehicles.

Forest City will cater to the career-driven urbanites also looking to rear other focuses in life such as family, education, and community. On top of hosting office towers, the expansive site will also include hotels, shopping malls, and an international school.

Forest City is set to take Johor Bahru by storm.

Photo: Forest City

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